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Hi, i'm Eve!

I have an affection for tiny towns and I write about the daring women we love to see in the world.

want all the hot gossip?

It's gonna be a garden girl summer

Summer is bound to be a scorcher, and things are heating up in the greenhouses at Grady's Garden Center. Will Clara and Connor stay out of each other's way? Or will they lower their guard and see just how very different things can look a second time around…

"Golden. Retriever. Activated."

"Oh. The hurt FMC trope 💗"

"I’m swooning! It has that “new love” feel."

"The under-the-table messing about is super sexy."

"I love a man who knows how to apologize."

"Perfect boyfriend material. He makes me swoon!"

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Small Town

Buildings that feel older than time itself. Shops and streets you'll never want to leave.


Everyday stories are swoony and real. You are the main character I'm writing about.


It might look small and delicate. Or maybe it'll look big and flashy.

But it's there.

Trust me.


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